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Time to get outdoors and exercise!

Outdoor circuit Get out and enjoy the beautiful sunny days exercising outdoors on the turf at The Gym! Warm up: 5 mins dynamic stretching (arm circles, hip circles, leg swings, ankle circles etc..) Round 1 (practice round): 20 seconds of each station with 10 second transition time (total 5mins) Round 2 (main set): 4 x 20sec on:10sec…

Workout of the month

Burn off your Easter eggs with this full body circuit! Begin with a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by: 1000m Row > 20 Push-ups > 20 Pull-ups (or pulldowns) > 20 Shoulder Presses 750m Row > 20 Squats > 20 Lunges > 20 Side Lunges 500m Row > 20 Sit-ups > 20 Oblique twists >…


Fire up your core with this quick body-weight circuit!  30 second plank hold on hands  30 second plank hold on elbows (Don’t let your knees touch the ground in the transition)  30 second elbow-to-knee bicycles  30 second sit-ups (or crunches) Rest for 30 seconds + Repeat 2 more rounds!