Amino Energy under the Spotlight

Have you seen these beautifully colourful tubs in the supplement cabinet but always wanted to know a little more?

Hopefully this will help!

Optimum Nutrition’s ‘Essential Amino Energy’ is a great intra-workout supplement. Amino energy contains branch chain amino acids which help with the muscle repair and recovery process.

As it says in the name, Amino ENERGY also contains stimulants to help boost your energy levels. The energy blend used in Amino energy contains caffeine from both green tea extract and green coffee extract. (160mg of caffeine in a 2-scoop serving).

Amino energy also contains other key ingredients such as Arginine, which increases blood flow and helps give you that “muscle pump”. As well as Beta-alanine, which helps to delay fatigue.

Overall, Amino energy is a great supplement for:

– Anyone wanting an energy boost without taking a stronger Pre-workout supplement,

– If you are looking to speed up your recovery time,

– AND, it’s particularly great if you train fasted, as the BCAA’s serve as an energy source so that the body doesn’t burn your own muscle for energy!

Amino energy comes in a large variety of fruity and café favours and is available for purchase at ‘The Gym’ during staffed hours!