COVID-19 Member Agreement

Dear Valued Member,

As restrictions begin to ease and gyms look to reopen, we are committed to providing our team and members with a clean and safe environment.
In doing so, we need your help!

Please read the member agreement below.

Member Agreement

By attending The Gym upon reopening I understand that I will have a part to play. I will be kind, patient, understanding and empathetic to all staff members & fellow gym attendees. I understand that safety is a priority and everyone’s responsibility.

By attending The Gym, you acknowledge and agree to follow the guidelines below. Please be aware that these guidelines are subject to change based on advice/updates we receive from authorities.

Health & Safety – By attending ‘The Gym’ I confirm I do not have any symptoms related to and have not knowingly been exposed to COVID-19. If this status changes, I agree to not visit the facility.

Social Distancing – I agree to keep 1.5m between myself and other members while in the facility. I understand there is to be no more than 25 users in the facility at any one time. If there are more than 25 users in the facility, I will wait outside and enter once another member leaves or come back at a different time.

Cleanliness – I agree to disinfect ALL equipment after use, and will not enter closed off areas. I agree to keep my hands washed/sanitised while in the facility. I will bring a clean towel with me to all workouts and place it between myself and the equipment in use.

Check in – I agree that I will scan in with both the service NSW QR code reader & my gym tag every time I attend the facility. There is ONE main access door to the facility (left side on veranda) where all members will enter for main gym access. Access for face-to-face group fitness classes will still be via the front of the butter factory. Participants are not to enter until an instructor is present.

Time limit – I will attend the gym with a ‘Get in – Train hard – Get out’ attitude.

Equipment use – I will limit myself to using ONE piece of machinery at a time. I will place my towel between myself and the equipment while in use, and disinfect all touch points after use.

Vulnerable/High risk – If I am vulnerable to a serious COVID 19 infection, before attending The Gym, I will discuss with my doctor about my intentions of returning to physical exercise indoors. I understand that the onus is on me, the member, to determine my capacity to safely resume fitness activities and attendance at fitness facilities. (For those with respiratory issues, it’s important that you are also aware that the use of aerosol cleaning products will be used by both staff and members in our facility.)


What are the hours of operation?

The opening hours, in which will be attended by a staff member, are 9am-12pm & 2pm-8pm Monday – Friday and 7am-2pm Saturday. Please note: these hours are subject to change. Members have access to the facility 24/7.

How many members are allowed in the gym at the same time?

The limit is 25 users in the main gym (+ staff) & 20 per class. We recommend trying to avoid peak times in order to avoid disappointment or wait times. As always, bookings are required for all group fitness classes.

Are temperature checks required on entry?

Temperature checks will not be required for members upon entry. However, we will provide a temperature gun on entry for members to check their own temperature if desired.

What else is The Gym doing to keep the facility clean?

We are following a high frequency cleaning regime. We have also hired a professional cleaning service which will attend 3 times/week, with staff performing cleaning duties during staffed hours. Equipment will be adequately spaced/turned off to adhere to distancing rules.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

Yes, it is currently a requirement of entry to wear a face mask when indoors at The Gym. A face mask is not required in our outdoor training area. Please wear your mask PROPERLY at all times (your nose belongs inside the mask!)

Can I bring a friend or attend for a casual session?

Yes, casual visitors are welcome during staffed hours only.

When will my membership restart?

All upfront memberships will restart on Saturday 11th September, being credited the time in which we were closed. All direct debit memberships will also restart from the first day of operation and be debited on their usual direct debit day.

Can I put a temporary freeze on my account?

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseen circumstances for many people, so we want to make sure that you know you can put your membership on hold for up to an additional 6 weeks by contacting the facility after reopening without any additional fees. Alternatively, If circumstances have changed and you wish to cancel your membership, we ask that you please contact us via email ( to apply your 30-day cancellation notice. (Please note that accounts cannot be closed with overdue status).

When will The Gym reopen?

It gives us great pleasure to announce that The Gym will be officially OPEN FOR MEMBERS on Saturday 11th September at 6am. All accounts will be reactivated, as well as our 24/7 access control system.

I have a friend who wants to join, when can they sign up?

New members are welcome any time. Online sign up is available on our website , and then they will be required to call into the facility during staffed hours to get their induction, access tag, welcome pack, and to book in for an initial consultation session/program.

When will 24/7 access return?

24/7 access will be reactivated from 2pm on Saturday 11th of September 2021.

Will all classes be running?

At this stage, we will be continuing our FULL group fitness table virtually thanks to the power of technology. Due the the current class limit restrictions, the requirement to wear a mask while exercising, and the possibility of another snap lockdown, we have decided this is the best option moving forwards.

This document will be updated as required with the constantly changing conditions.
Last update: 09/09/2021