Fitness Industry Call To Action

Global Fitness Industry Unites for Call to Action on 1st June

As you are probably more than aware, despite the PM’s 3 step plan suggesting that gyms would reopen in Stage 2 (before pubs and clubs), gyms in NSW are still yet to be given a reopening date. To add to this, on Monday, the premier of NSW stated that gym’s would not be reopening in the “foreseeable future”.

We all know the power of exercise, so Fitness Australia is now encouraging us to unite under this global movement on 1st June to tell the world how passionate we are about the importance and impact of exercise.

For the first time, the entire global fitness industry can unite across the globe to hijack every social media platform with these two simple messages:


No matter what aspect of the industry we look at we have all taken a hit – owners, trainers, group fitness instructors, suppliers, education providers, business coaches and associations, not to forget consumers. No one has escaped COVID-19.

Governments across the globe have consistently encouraged people to continue exercising as they know it helps peoples mental health. So now it’s time to take a united stand in reminding the world of the power of exercise.

Together we can make it happen, so let’s unite on the 1st June to blitz social media platforms!

On the 1st of June, Fitness Australia is asking all fitness businesses, suppliers, staff members, clients and members to share a strong message on their social media platforms:

Gyms and fitness facilities are safe and the place to build your:

  • Immunity
  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Motivation
  • Positive mindset
  • Resilience to stress
  • Happiness
  • Mental alertness
  • Friendship circle

#gymsaresafe #exerciseismedicine

The key to this is to use the hashtags #gymsaresafe #exerciseismedicine, so for 24 hours this is a trending topic across the platforms and the world.

What we need YOU to do:

Step 1: Put on your favourite gym gear!

Step 2: Grab a piece of paper and write this:

I Love The Gym Tumut

Step 3: Take a photo of you holding the sign in your gym gear.

Step 4: On the 1st of June, post it on social media, tag @TheGymTumut and also type the hashtags #GymsAreSafe #ExerciseIsMedicine in your post.

Not on social media? If you are happy for us to share your pic, please email it through to me by replying to this email or you can text it to 0415 538 181.

United we are stronger! Let’s do this!