Getting Started With Group Centergy

Our new Group Centergy class will grow you longer and stronger with an invigorating 60-minute mind-body workout.


Group Centergy has a consistent format that will enable you to get comfortable with movements and to see your health and well-being improve. The workout consists of 10 tracks, accompanied by emotive music, that have specific workout objectives.

1.Focus – Athletic, functional, full body movements kick off the journey to get your mind and body warm
2.Salutations – The sweat really starts here as traditional yoga postures are repeated, building strength and stamina.
3.Challenge – Standing yoga poses put the lower body on notice during this physical highpoint track. This is a full-body track that will leave you shaking.
4.Balance – The energy pulls back, allowing you to focus inward and concentrate on balance, but you are still working and burning calories.
5.Core Back – Core training for the often-neglected back area will create muscle balance and improve posture.
6.Core Front – Uses inspiration from one of todays most popular exercise trends, Pilates, to strengthen your abs and stabilize your pelvis.
7.Hips – Exercises promote both stability and mobility through the hips, which translates to a healthy and pain-free back and spine.
8.Spirals – Includes rotational movements to improve the mobility, flexibility, and stability of the spine, all requisites to feeling and staying young!
9.Folds – Lower back and hamstring stretches are the antidote for a physically and mentally stressed body.
10.Restore – Also referred to as a mini vacation, you’ll be ready to take on all physical and mental challenges by the end of this track as you recover from the workout.

IS IT FOR ME?  Group Centergy is truely for everyone!

Group Core is perfect for:
• New exercisers because the program makes it easy to work at your own pace
• The “fit-it-in-where-you-can” exerciser, because Group Centergy is a timely way to increase strength, flexibility and to relax – all in one hour.
• The athlete, because it keeps your body in peak condition, helps fight injury, and facilitates quick recovery.
• Men and women of all ages and fitness experiences that want to enjoy the mental benefits of a mind-body dicipline.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I DO IT?  As often as you like!

Group Centergy can be done as often as you like. How you feel is your best guage of your body’s recovery needs between workouts. It is important that you gradually build a regular class schedule, being careful not to push too far, too fast. During your first four weeks, we recommend you do no more than three Group Centergy classes per week.