Nutrition program launch a huge success

Last month, The Gym Tumut partnered up with leading dietitian/nutritionist Matt O’Neill, to bring you a revolutionary nutrition program known as ‘Metabolic Jumpstart’.

We’ve had many enquiries about the program, and over 30 members have already registered to make the healthy lifestyle changes to their eating habits.

Here’s what a few of our current MJ clients had to say about the program;

“I noticed changes within the first few days. I was less bloated, and I felt more energised”

Metabolic Jumpstart is so easy to follow, and I haven’t once felt like I was ‘dieting’

“I started the program with my training partner and it’s helped to keep us both accountable. There is so much useful information on the MJ website and it’s great knowing that Matt and Jess are there to answer any of my questions.”

It’s never too late to jump on board as the program kicks off EVERY Monday!

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