Pelvic Floor Educational Seminar

The Pelvic Floor
Real ‘Core’ Training


Next month, we will be holding our first ever educational seminar!

Do you lift heavy weights?

Run a lot?

Or had a baby?

Did you know that one in three women and a high number of men have a weak pelvic floor?!. It is a leading reason for giving up exercise or an active lifestyle. But it is something that can be helped!

Having a strong core is important for all movements, from sports to dynamic movement, to the basic functions of daily life. It is a prerequisite for the prevention of injury, enhanced sports performance, improved balance, proper training and muscle development.

Marietta Mehanni is an ambassador for Pelvic Floor First and the Continence Foundation of Australia. She is an international presenter in the fitness industry!

Peel away the myths and learn the true facts. Walk away with tips for exercising safely and how you can implement these methods into everyday life.

This seminar will be held on Monday the 13th of November between 6:30pm & 8:30pm at ‘Club Tumut‘.

Limited places available!

Tickets are $40 each (Non-gym members $50)

Tickets are available to purchase from The Gym Tumut during staffed hours. (No holds on tickets)