Brayden Elliott is proud to confirm the support of ‘THE GYM’ Tumut for the remainder of the year in his first season in the Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike Championship.

With the sponsorship set to continue to improve Brayden’s personal physical and mental preparation for his tough campaign in the Supersport Championship, Brayden is excited at the prospects of partnering with ‘THE GYM’ Tumut as he rises through the ranks of professional motorcycle racing.

With it being a sport that focuses on specific areas of physical fitness, Elliott admits having the direct support of ‘THE GYM’ is essential for him to be guided on the right path of personal development.

Having a dedicated program at ‘THE GYM’ is critical to continuing my success and developing myself as a professional rider, I really look forward to promoting a great local business from my home town around the Australian motorcycle racing scene. “

“THE GYM offers fitness programs that focus heavily on areas that are impacted by the gruelling sport of motorcycle racing and Jess (Buckman) continues to offer her support to me each and every time I am in the gym on ways I can improve my training which I can’t thank her enough for,” Elliott said.

‘THE GYM’ Tumut General Manager, Jess Buckman highlights that motorcycle racing is misunderstood by many for how physically demanding it is upon its athletes and she is continuing to work with Brayden on personalised programs that will improve his stamina and performance across the season.

Motorcycle racing is a very misunderstood sport, a lot of people look at it like the bike does the work and the so called athlete is just going along for the ride but that’s not the case at all.”

Motorcycle riders have a very different style of training, they are not training to bulk up, tone up or aiming for definition. Training for motorcycle riders is all about training for function.”

“A dedicated fitness plan is crucial for these athletes to ensure their strength, agility and coordination are maintained for optimum bike control and for their own safety,” Buckman said.

Brayden will become ‘THE GYM’ Tumut’s first sponsored athlete and it is something that Jess is excited about in growing and strengthening the brand of the business.

After working directly with Brayden over a four year period, she admits that there has been considerable development in his growth as a fitness focussed athlete.

“Brayden follows a sport-specific training routine which considers the demands of this sport. I have been lucky enough to train Brayden for the past four years and in this time witness first-hand the amount of commitment and dedication he puts into his training and also see the achievements he has received from doing so.”

“I look forward to taking on Brayden as THE GYM’s first sponsored athlete by providing him with a stable training environment and ongoing support.”

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