We're back!


We are extremely happy to announce that The Gym Tumut will be OPEN FOR MEMBERS from Monday the 15th of June!

On Tuesday the 2nd of June, Deputy Premier John Barilaro announced that from June 13 the following will be allowed:
-Fitness, Gymnasiums, Pilates, Yoga and Dance studios can reopen with 10 people per class and 100 people in an indoor venue. (as long as the four square metre rule is being applied at all times.)

Unfortunately, at this point in time (3 days prior to the announced reopening date) we are still yet to be given further clarification other than what was announced above, and have been left with a lot of unanswered questions.

Over the past few days I have received a large number of enquiries from members, and I understand both your frustration and excitement. It is for this reason, that despite not yet having received further clarification from the NSW Government, I have decided to release our current plans in which we will amend, and notify you of changes if required.

While the news is incredibly exciting, we know that upon reopening it won’t be the ‘normal’ as we know it. What we do promise however, is that The Gym Tumut will still be the same welcoming, supportive, hygienic and community orientated facility which we’ve all grown it to be!

We ask that all members please take the time to thoroughly read through our COVID 19 Member Agreement and all FAQ’s which follow.

For future reference, the member agreement can also be found on our website, at the bottom of the homepage!

As always, I thank you all so much for your support and patience through these past 3 months, it doesn’t go unnoticed, and I am extremely grateful!

See you all soon!!