Workout ‘finisher’

Heat up your next workout with a finisher!

Ever finish your workout and feel like you still have just a little more to give?

Or are you renowned for skipping cardio because its ‘boring and takes too long’?

If so, try adding a ‘finisher’ to the end of your session. It’s a great way to burn maximum calories in minimal time!

Option 1: 4 x 100m rower sprints
Option 2: 100 Burpees for time
Option 3: TABATA (20sec on:10sec off x 8 rounds) Battle ropes, burpees, ball slams, ANYTHING!
Option 4: 10 x Kettlebell swings, 10 x Burpees (decrease by 1 rep each round until done)
Option 5: Treadmill sprints 30 sec on: 30 sec off x 10 rounds
Option 6: 3 x 3minutes of skipping
Option 7: 20 x Ball slams, 20 x Jump squats. (2nd round = 15 reps, 3rd round = 10 reps)
Option 8: 2km row for time (Record your time and try better it the next week!)
Option 9: Boxing 21’s (Start with 1 punch. Build by 1 punch each set. Once you get to 21 work your way back down)
Option 10: Spin bike: 2minutes seated with low resistance: 40sec standing high resistance x 3-5 rounds

WARNING: It won’t be easy, It won’t necessarily be fun, And it’ll require some serious mental toughness….

But you’ll feel amazing once it’s done!!!

Give it your all!! Enjoy!!