Time to get outdoors and exercise!

Outdoor circuit

Get out and enjoy the beautiful sunny days exercising outdoors on the turf at The Gym!

Warm up: 5 mins dynamic stretching (arm circles, hip circles, leg swings, ankle circles etc..)

Round 1 (practice round): 20 seconds of each station with 10 second transition time (total 5mins)
Round 2 (main set): 4 x 20sec on:10sec rest on each station (total 20mins)

Station 1: Push-ups
Station 2: Ball slams
Station 3: Dumbbell squat + shoulder press
Station 4: Alternate step up + knee drive
Station 5: Battle ropes
Station 6: Kettle bell swings
Station 7: Plank hold
Station 8: Skipping
Station 9: Sit-ups
Station 10: Sled push up / Pull back

Cool-down/ Stretch: 10 mins static stretching (Use our stretching guide to assist)

Tip: Download the ‘interval timer’ app on your phone to help time this workout

If you are unsure of any exercises please ask a trainer before attempting the circuit OR swap it with another exercise of your choice!